Built on the power of Osprey technology.
The Osprey 210 starts with the legendary quality and performance of the Osprey® line and includes onboard analog stereo audio inputs. It’s an excellent choice for low-cost systems where one video input and one unbalanced audio input is required.
Video capture and streaming possibilities.
Like all Osprey cards, you can plug in additional Osprey 210 cards or mix and match with other Osprey cards whenever you need additional video and audio channels. It’s perfect for budget-conscious customers who need reliable video and audio capture performance at an attractive price. With the Osprey 210, you can monitor audio capture with enhanced sound capture at lower bit rates. Additionally, the Osprey 210 supports the most popular video and audio APIs.
Optimize to meet your needs.
The Osprey 210 is compatible with SimulStream® which empowers you to deliver full-frame video to high-speed Internet users or smaller, lower-rate video to DSL and dial-up subscribers, as well as optimized video for several different mobile device standards – all while saving the same content to a storage device for post-processing and other Video on Demand (VOD) applications.