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Industry-Proven Performance
Osprey video technology sets the industry standard for high-quality, rock-solid streaming performance. Utilized in a wide variety of applications – from aerospace to surveillance, Internet TV to webcasting – Osprey cards drive the delivery of video to viewers all around the globe. The Osprey 240e continues that strong tradition of high-value streaming performance.
Optimized for the Latest PC Architectures
Osprey-240e professional analog video capture card is the first PCI Express card of the Osprey family. Legendary Osprey quality for the latest high-performance PC architectures.

Designed especially for the super highspeed PCIe® bus. No bottlenecks, no mysterious glitches, no unexplained hiccups, no random data collisions. Just smooth, unadulterated power. Power that can support multiple Osprey PCIe cards in one system. Think performance!

Optimized for Live Streaming
Take advantage of the Osprey-240e card’s Designed for Live features, such as Logo Bitmap Overlay with transparency and positioning controls. Automatically detect and adapt on-the-fly when the input video format changes from movie frame rates to television frame rates. The Osprey-240e can do the job today and it’s ready for your future applications.
Compatible with Popular Application Software
The Osprey-240e works with popular video capture and encoding applications, including Niagara SCX multicodec streaming manager.