DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo (CD910)

The DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo features 2-channel HD/SD SDI for high-end demands from more professional applications. BNC connectors secure stable and high frequency signals during transmission and the capture quality. Compatibility with Microsoft DirectShow and various 3rd-party provides the greater convenience of working with a broad range of professional video editing software.
Capture and Convert Full HD Video Contents
The DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo captures and converts 2 HD-SDI or 2 ASI video sources simultaneously. The DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo fulfills the need of preserving and converting HD video content via SDI/ ASI.
Real-time HD Video Encoding
The DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo allows you to develop and design application on platforms you are familiar with. It is multi-task capable while taking the space of one PCI-E slot. This powerful and space-saving capture card is exactly what you need to accomplish professional tasks.