A. Introduction

EzyLogger is a video logging and monitoring system that for non-stop off-air recording. The recorder applies technology base on RealNetworks format 9 and thus can provide good vide and audio quality and require less storage. EZY-Logger can support up to 4 video and audio channels and each output video frame can has channel, date and time stamped. Also EZY-Logger monitors all input video and audio signals and send notification when abnormal situation occurred such as video loss, freeze video, audio loss and low volume.


B. System Structure


EZY-Logger compose of 4 components: Encoder, Console, Viewer and Server.

  • Encoder

    1. Using RealNetworks video encoding technology to record video.
    2. Intelligent file swapping technology: swap file at the beginning of each hour.
    3. Auto-storage management ensures that there is always enough space for new created file.
    4. Support up to 4 Osprey analogy capture cards.
    5. Stamp channel name/date/time on each video frame.
    6. If necessary, video output files can be automatically uploaded to Server.
    7. Event logging.
    8. Monitor video and audio signal and notify Console when error occurs.

  • Console

    1. Monitor the status of Encoders and the status of inputs to each Encoder.
    2. Different status is represented by icons with different colour.
    3. Audio and visual alarm will be send out when abnormal situation detected.
    4. Event logging.


  • Server

    1. Store files uploaded from Encoders.
    2. Auto-storage management ensures that there is always enough space for new created file.


  • Viewer

    1. Only authenticated user can access video clips that stored on Encoder and Server.
    2. Use standard player - RealPlayer.
    3. Playback video at any time interval.
    3. Video clips creation in Real Format for a time interval specified by end-user.


C. Main Feature

1. Design to work for 7 x 24 non-stop real-time encoding.
2. Superb video quality through RealNetworks Video Encoding Technology.
3. Simple, easily understandable operation.
4. Modular structure, can be expanded and modernised anytime.
5. Channel name, date & time are stamped on each video frame.
6. Alarm management with logbook and failure messages.
7. Auto-storage management - oldest file will automatically delete to free space for the newest created file.