A. Introduction

Multi-media teaching is a trendy, so EZY-Tech launch a new software - EzyPresenter, multi-media material production. Using EzyPresenter, not only IT technical staff can produce attractive course material, but also every teacher can use it without any extra training. Teacher can use to present power point or other media to students, even the students may not in school.


B. Features

1 Synchronization of Video and Image: Can live streams the video and synchronize the material in presentation.
2 Screen Capture: Allow automatic and manual capture the screen, in full screen or region screen. All image will import to EzyPresenter automatically.
3 Template:Provide VOD/Live Template
4 Multiple Publish Methods: Provide Local, VOD and Live publishing, and support all combination at the same time.
5 Image Editing: Use EzySlideNote, User can change the content or add information on the image anytime.

  Teacher use a DV or Webcam to capture his video and present the course as usual, then students can watch the whole presentation through the internet in real-time.

C. Technical Issue and resource

1. Base on Video Streaming technology
2. Base on Browser and Server 's structure
3. Support multiple course material format
4. Support both real and windows media streaming format.
5. Synchronize both video/audio and course material and delivery in real time.
6. Support live streaming and VOD function
7. Rich media integration
8. Easy on operation, friendly to non-technical user