A. Features:

1.Multi-production Processing

Allow multiple of Media Production to process in parallel.

2.Production Management

Production's configuration can be saved as a module. Other productions can reuse the corresponding module, user do not need to configures each production again.

3.Audience Management

video's configuration can also be saved to an audience template. It Reduce the setup time and fast up the production. User can setup several audience template for different tasks.

4.Upload Optimizations

After the production of Media, Media can upload to FTP Server automatically.

5.Reconnect on Live Event

At live broadcasting, network or transmission error may lead the broadcasting to failure. But, EZY-Stream will try to resume the transmission if it is interrupted. The whole processing is fully programmed and automatic.

6.Task Management & Scheduling

User can setup different task module, and start as a scheduled service.

7.Logging System

Keep Trace of Streaming Record

8.Remote Control

When remote control service is started, user can manage through intranet or internet. Remote control service allow the user to

9.VOD function

Import production instruction to VOD system. (Require VOD system to support)

Support 4 concurrent production task.



B. Technical Resource

Production Module: Basic Step on Produce Stream Media, Including basic properties and template's setting.

Template Module: use template to save the setting for different task

Task Module: scheduled to perform task on-time

Production Group: allow multi-task process

Support 4 concurrent production task.


C. Structure