Featuring multicast over IP network, AVerCaster HD Duet can encode and distribute high-definition video contents from devices with an HDMI or Component output such as Blu-Ray players, TV set-top boxes, and camcorders to an unlimited number of users over the same network simultaneously. Even better, this portable streaming server can stream out up to two HD video broadcasts at the same time.


This single box streams HD contents via standard protocols. Thus, the live video information or entertainment broadcasts can be delivered to a wide range of client devices including computers, IP-STB, kiosk, digital signage and hospital infotainment terminals. It can be easily deployed into existing network environment and common system without extra cost and effort. Besides, AVerCaster HD Duet adopts H.264 compression, which can get rid of the dilemma of high video quality and efficient bandwidth usage.


AVerCaster HD Duet is equipped with intuitive web-based content control interface for easy configuration. Also, when it connects with satellite or cable TV set-top box, the IR blaster function can help you control the source devices for channel switching. Now all streaming settings can be done on your web browser.


The high compatibility, flexibility, streaming quality and experienced technical support make AVerCaster HD Duet a best and cost-effective solution for internal announcements, event broadcasting or crucial information delivery.