Expand your audience through the power of streaming video.
The Niagara® 2200 offers uncompromised quality and simplicity of operation in a compact, low-cost streaming solution. At the size of a half rack, the system supports a wide number of encoding formats for a variety of applications.
Uncompromised Quality

You can count on the same highly reliable performance demanded by others who use Niagara technology, including the world’s leading broadcasters and content delivery networks.

The Niagara 2200 allows even non-technical personnel
to stream high-quality live video. Its built-in web interface simplifies system setup and operation, allowing
complete system control from anywhere on the network. Just set your streaming parameters from the intuitive web interface and you can begin streaming in multiple resolutions and bit rates with a single push of the front panel Stream button.

Maximize your audience.

You can stream MPEG2 or H.264 video in multiple, simultaneous resolutions and bit rates to set top boxes, mobile devices and computers. It’s the ideal low-cost, easy-to-use solution to help you expand your audience in the digital media marketplace.