Configurable solution to fit a variety of needs
The Niagara 9100 series is a high-density/high-performance multiple encoder platform for service providers, broadcasters, and enterprises. The Niagara 9100 can be configured for a variety of video and audio inputs including HD SDI, component, Y/C, composite video with balanced, unbalanced, embedded, and AES/EBU audio.
Highest Density in the Industry
Configure the Niagara 9100 with up to eight independent channels in this 1RU system for the maximum density you will find anywhere.
Enhance Efficiencies
Optimize your workflow by easily developing customized solutions with the powerful and accessible web SDK.
Exceptional Performance
With the latest high-performance multi-core processing technology, deliver multiple simultaneous streams in a variety of formats to extend existing audiences and reach new ones, such as mobile, web, and IPTV users.
Comprehensive and Adaptable
All industry encoding formats are included on one system as standard. The Niagara 9100 series is available in a wide variety of models.
Models currently available:
  • Niagara 9100-4A (4 composite, 4 unbalanced)
  • Niagara 9100-4AV (4 composite, 4 component, 4 Y/C (S-Video), 4 unbalanced, 4 balanced)
  • Niagara 9100-8A (8 composite, 8 unbalanced)
  • Niagara 9100-2De (2 3G HD or SD SDI, embedded SDIs [4 stereo pair] per input)
  • Niagara 9100-4D (4 HD or SD SDI, embedded SDIs)
  • Niagara 9100-2IP (IP Input (UDP or RTP) in (MPTS) or (SPTS) formats)