Flexible transcoder
The Niagara 9100-2IP is able to receive video via IP (UDP or RTP) in multiple program transport stream (MPTS) or single program transport stream (SPTS) formats and can transcode, transmux and transrate into a wide range of output formats including Adobe® Flash®, Apple® HTTP live streams (HLS), Microsoft® Windows Mida and MPEG2 transport stream (TS). Two models are available with either single or redundant power supplies and single or redundant Ethernet ports.
Output Flexibility
The Niagara 9100-2IP product supports all of the popular streaming formats soyou can reach any video device, server or CDN you like.
Broad Management Options
Optimize your workflow by easily developing customized solutions with the powerful and accessible web SDK. The new SNMP feature allows for integration into existing management platforms.
Exceptional Performance
With the latest high-performance multi-core processing technology, deliver multiple simultaneous streams in a variety of formats to extend existing audiences and reach new ones, such as mobile, web, and IPTV users.
High Quality
This product is built upon years of experience in hardware and software design.