Osprey Talon G1 Hardware Decoder

H.264 Decoder

Osprey Talon is a small form-factor H.264 video decoder designed to be easy to use and portable. Using its GigE Ethernet port, Talon can decode up to 4 RTP or UDP streams (Unicast/Multicast) and display them in a resolution of up to 1080p60 via the HDMI output. Talon can also play .TS files from an external flash drive via its USB 2.0 port. It features a fanless design with a low power consumption of <6W. The wide input voltage range of 9VDC - 17VDC also make it a perfect candidate for battery operated equipment and installations.

Multi-Stream Monitor
Point-to-Point Source Monitor
Digital Signage

HTTP Based Configuration:
Simple user interface allows the user to configure input streams and set display outputs for multiple different PIP Views

LED Indicators:
System Status at a glance

Mission Critical Design:
Reliabale, Solid Hardware Based Decoder
Silent, Fan-less Operation
Low Power Consumption

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