Premium AddOns for Wowza Streaming Engine
Wowza Security Plug-in


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WSP enables controlled, authorized access to streaming and downloadable media content by adding dynamically generated secure unique tokens within the media player URL and enabling integration with an organization’s end-user authentication and authorization systems. This prevents content theft and link hijacking, ensuring only authorized users have access to your content.

WSP is a product exclusively from EZY-Tech.

  • Operates with any Wowza Streaming Engine URL for mobile, tablet, PC and IPTV devices.
  • Supports all media formats delivered by Wowza Streaming engine.
  • Includes more robust and flexible level of access control than username and password, less complex and easier to deploy than digital rights management (DRM), enables web-based single sign-on security
  • Allows client-access control
  • Controls client connections and disconnect based on business rules.